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The Many Uses of Magical Lavender

March 02, 2017

Oh, lavender. It is no secret that we are fans of lavender here at Om On (think lavender savasana towels, mat spray, countless products and even an upcoming retreat to Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Lavender Farm). It is an essential oil that instantly transports you to a swaying field of purple bliss. Lavender is used in such a wide variety of products including skin and hair care, around the home in candles, diffusers and cleaning products, and in food, drinks and tea blends.

Lavender is so versatile because of the plethora of beneficial properties like the “antis” - as a powerful antioxidant (fighting against free radical damage), antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory agent, and it is soothing and promotes healing.

Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate the power of lavender in our self-care and home routine. 


Face, Body & Hair

When applied topically to the skin, lavender helps to reduce redness and inflammation, regulates oil production, promotes healing and is super nourishing to dry, damaged skin.

·  Add a few drops of quality essential oil to carrier oil like coconut or jojoba, or incorporate in blends with other essentials like Maven Made Facial Serum.

·  Los Poblanos uses lavender from their organic farm and harnesses the healing powers to treat skin irritations. The star of their product line - Lavender Salve - is serious business and was first crafted to treat dry, cracked hands that had been working hard on the farm.

·  As we are approaching warmer weather, keep lavender on hand to spot treat and relieve itch of pesky bug bites and mild sunburn!


Around the Home

If you enjoy the scent of lavender, you are in luck, because breathing it in has a soothing, calming effect that helps to promote sound sleep, reduce tension and stress and even helps calm the mind.

·  Include the oil in a diffuser or light a calming lavender candle to melt the stress away

·  Apply a few drops to wrists and neck as a clean perfume

·  Rub 2 drops between your hands and hold up to your nose and inhale deeply before bedtime

The antibacterial properties also make it an effective cleanser. We like to use it in the studio as a mat spray and fellow yogis can use it at home with this simple recipe!

·  In a 12 oz glass bottle with spray top, add to a base of ¾ water with the option to add witch hazel and white vinegar to bump the cleansing properties

·  Add 5-10 drops of lavender along with 10-20 drops of another powerhouse antibacterial essential oil – tea tree

·  Separation is natural so shake up before each time you spray



los poblanos lavender yoga retreat 

What: Los Poblanos Retreat
Where: Albuquerque, New Mexico
When: May 3-7, 2017

You can still register or reach out to us if you are interested in joining the Los Poblanos Retreat.  Along with two times daily yoga, a gourmet Farm to Table 4-course meal and an unbeatable setting, we will also explore the incredible uses of lavender and blend our very own lavender bath salts.


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