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New York City Wellness Guide

March 16, 2017

It’s hard enough to get into a strong wellness routine in your own city, while you travel you have to battle with being out of your kitchen, away from your fitness studio, and eager to explore and eat your way through the new and unknown. Fortunately, if you are conscious about making healthier choices, most cities have options that will cater to your needs and preferences. We are launching City Wellness Guides to point you in the right direction starting with NYC as our fearless leader just got back from a trip to the Big Apple, it is a destination that we frequent, and a haven for wellness junkies like us.
By Chloe – There is a whole lot of buzz around Chloe Coscarelli's plant-based restaurants, and for good reason! By Chloe turns classic, comfort food into wholesome, hearty, vegan meals using mindful ingredient sourcing and eco-friendly packaging and without compromising on taste.   
by chloe
(Portobello meatball sub with avocado sauce, air baked sweet potato fries, gluten free mac and cheese)
The Forager’s Table – Located in Chelsea with the Foragers Market and Wines, offering seasonal, organic, farm to table with a culinary twist. All of their ingredients are locally sourced from farmers and producers they know, along with goods from their own farm in Upstate NY. Head on over to their Market and you will find artisanal products and snacks that highlight the maker.
(Ricotta & Mascarpone potato gnocci)
The Little Owl – A trip to NYC is not complete without brunch, enter The Little Owl. An intimate(i.e. small - with only 28 you will want to make a reservation ahead of time), vibrant spot serving up bold Mediterranean cuisine.  A high note to end your NYC stay on, wind-down and reminisce before heading home.
Urban Vegan Kitchen – “Semi-sophisticated Comfort Food”, creative and extravagant vegan take on classics  - carnivorous friends will not miss the animal products.
Candle 79 – A unique, fine dining vegan experience with organic wine and spirits at an elegant eco-bar on the Upper East Side.
Butcher’s Daughter - Plant-based, 100% vegetarian restaurant, juice bar and “vegetable slaughterhouse” - treating fruits and vegetables as a butcher treats meat.
Jivamukti Café - Vegan cafe offering breakfast, burritos, juice, smoothies and desserts in Jivamukti Yoga Studio.
Organic Avenue - It’s hard not to appreciate the strong branding behind this vegan cafe, along with the cold-pressed juice and marketplace with snacks, foods, herbs, cosmetics, and kombucha on tap (important to promote gut health while on-the-go!).

Flow & Sweat
Shadow Box – Boutique boxing gym.  Book a bag and let yourself be led by rad instructors (actually the name of an instructor there..) through set sequences of HIIT and boxing moves. This experience will leave you feeling motivated, empowered and ready to kick some a**. Also stop by the Ringside Cafe for juice, coco water and herbal teas.
The Class by TT – “A cathartic mind-body experience”  working every muscle through calisthenics and plyometrics to engage and free the mind.
Yoga Maya - A serene, grounding oasis authentically inspired by temples in India.
Be Well
ABC Carpet & Home - No, not to pick out a new rug (though this is as added bonus), but to be inspired at their soulful events with previous topics like food as medicine, meditation, self-love and beauty wellness.
MNDFL – Premier meditation studio – to maintain your mental wellness and calm while in the bustling city.
Pratima Ayurvedic Skincare Spa – Treat your skin with rituals inspired by the ancient wisdom of ayurveda, and bring home hand blended oils based on your dosha or specific skin care need.
Satya - Find beautiful malas, stretch bracelets and modern jewelry with spiritual meaning.
CAP Beauty – The holy grail of natural beauty, superfoods and supplements!
Me & Ro – High end jewelry inspired by India, spiritually enhanced, weaving in symbols like chakras and sanskrit, and creating one-of-a-kind pieces with unique stones.
Love Adorned – curated selection of small artisans and unique finds.
Le Labo –  Many of us are guilty of having too many bottles of perfume, create your own clean blend at Le Labo.
Marine Layer – Absurdly soft shirts sustainably made from beechwood in San Francisco.

Highline Park - Beautiful public park built on a historic elevated freight rail line in Manhattan’s West Side.
MOMA - Get your steps in while igniting your creativity and inspiring the mind.
Union Square Green Market - World famous market that’s been in business for over 40 years.
Chelsea Market - From Anthropologie to sushi to barber shops, you don’t want to miss this market.
Please note this content is based upon our personal experience and opinions.  We are not medical/ health care professionals and resources and suggestions are not meant to diagnose or treat illnesses or health conditions.  For specific advise for your personal situation please consult your medical or health care professional.  All cited products, articles, and linked content is not reviewed by nor endorsed by Om On Yoga.  This content is merely a resource that we are passing on for those interested.

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