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People we Luv: Jane Bahneman

June 02, 2017

We recently chatted with Jane Bahneman - a part of the Om On kula with regular workshops at Om On, a role in our TT programs, and this September Jane and her studio Blue Nectar Yoga (in Falls Church, VA) will be joining us on the Bali Retreat. Read on to learn more about this inspiring woman!

How did you embark on your yoga path?

Almost 20 years ago I was managing a program in a fitness setting and the beloved yoga teacher relocated and left. This was a time before yoga was mainstream, so without ever having taken a class, I started a teacher training to fill the gap and have continued in this journey over two decades.

What teachers have inspired you the most?

The ones who are human, who authentically show up and share with vulnerability. It's about who they are and how they take their yoga off the mat.

How do you incorporate yoga into your daily life?

I don’t consider that we do yoga, but we are yoga. There are so many daily instances where we are confronted with difficult situations and conversation and triggers that we want to react to and yoga is solid ground and stable base that allows us to step back before we react.

What books have been influential in your life and teaching?

I'm such an avid reader, I don’t even need a television. Books by Louis Hay, which are not even yoga books but her teachings and thought process inspires and guides. The work of Caroline Myss has inspired me.

At any given time I may have felt a pull to study with or read a book by a teacher or specific topic. When I am drawn to text or book I knows there is some sort of nugget of wisdom that I am meant to gain from it. Trust your gut without following mainstream.

What are you looking forward to most about the Bali Retreat?

Bali! The beautiful landscape, culture and people.

The ability to be with like minded group of individuals to facilitate yoga and mindful experiences, and to meet everyone who is traveling with us. To travel together with like minded intention. 

What are your 3 Must Have Travel Items?

Books are essential.

What I’ve realized while traveling is that there is nothing you can’t get. I used to get anxious about forgetting things, but no matter where you are, people are people with the same needs and you will be able to find what you need.

What are your top wellness/ practice tips?

My day always starts with quiet reading before my son (Brady) wakes up, a little solitude. I set my alarm clock really early and start my day in a grounded way (which can be difficult with a child).

Meditation is non-negotiable - even if it’s just 6 minutes a day.

I used to push and push even when I was tired and needing a break, but I don't feel guilty now when taking 20 min to lay on yoga bolster at 4 pm. I've really started to listen to myself.

What gets you going in the morning?

I have a 6 year old son, so mornings are challenging as they move slow but I have learned to savor that time together. I drink decaf coffee as I like the ritual, will snuggle with my son, read books and watch cartoons. We have rituals together instead of moving around each other which helps to make a connection. I've really embraced this.

Besides yoga what is your favorite way to spend your time?

My favorite person to spend time with is my little boy - so anything we do together from running errands to going to library.

My greatest joy of life is running my businesses, Blue Nectar and consulting, and working hard and making a living doing something I love. 

I works out almost every day. With my wellness routine I feel better, more creative. And I have dear friends that I always make time for.

 Do you have a life motto?

Not a motto but a way to live life. I use fear as a guide - acknowledge and notice it but no longer allow fear to hold me back from living the fullest life.

Everyone has challenges and hard times that we all experience and there is always  a choice to confront our own thoughts and experiences and choose to live a life that you love. We all have barriers and were dealt different decks of cards - but we control our thoughts and have a choice about what we can do with what we have been dealt.

Anything else we should know about you? 

I love to travel and feel the most important thing in life is to build a connection with others. The best way to do this is travel and do different activities and have experiences together. I like to take a light approach while still being serious and focused, but bring a sense of fun, adventure and lightness. You can be serious and still have a good time!

 Do you currently have a favorite yoga pose/posture?

I have been cultivating back bends - right now in life I am working more and more to live in faith not in fear. The direct connection with opening heart and moving mantra through somatic practice is powerful.

I am working on respecting my body every single day, I do not push the way that I used to. Some postures may be challenging and uncomfortable but I'm learning to respect the grace in that.


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