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Self-Care for Yogis

November 14, 2017

Self-Care for Yogis

What is Self Care

Self-Care can come in many different forms - but ultimately, it's a mental or physical action in investing in oneself. Often times this is through meditation or taking intentional time to do an activity that you loves. This can be anything from exercise, cooking, drawing, etc.

Why Self Care is Important

We at Om On, and many others, feel that Self Care is one of the most important actions of a yogi. Being at peace, being still 

How yoga helps your Self Care

Yoga is used as Self Care because it can benefit an individual in so many ways. 

  • Reduces stress and gives clarity
  • Encourages positive thoughts and acceptance
  • Strengthens balance and stability 
  • Energizes the body
  • Creates vitality
  • Inspires creativity
  • Creates connection
  • Develops appreciation

We are always looking for ways to encourage investing in oneself in order to be the best we can be daily. We believe yoga helps recharge and be still all in one place.

How to Practice Self Care

  1. Ask yourself what brings you joy and intentionally make time each week to invest in that aspect of yourself and your life.

  2. Use online resources that can help you point towards the self care direction.

  3. Attend Om On's The Gift of Self Care Workshop on December 3, 2017 from 6:00-8:00pm

    Join Izzy Shurte MA, ERTY500 for a deep practice to generate Maitri, or Lovingkindness and Karuna, Compassion through meditation, breath work, asana, sacred melodies and contemplation. Come learn to “refill your cup” so you can be your most open, patient and loving version of your self for loved ones this holiday season.

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