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Slow Down and Live in the Present

February 05, 2018

Slow Down and Live in the Present

Here at the studio, we've put into practice our resolutions, slow living, intentions and goals for January - but we all desire to continue in being mindful for all of 2018. So, directly from Om On's amazing instructors, here are some of personal intentions + mindsets that are being put into practice for the months to come.



Nitya Griffith

I am life mapping which means I am looking at each year as a continuum of  building my legacy as a kid’s yoga teacher and entrepreneur.

So I start with a blank piece of paper and write what my core main goal is for this year, then I draw lines out from the center to specific areas of my life to focus on.
This might be health/ wellbeing, family/ home, myself, work, etc. Within each of these there are goals as well. A goal for myself is daily meditation and more “Me” time.
This has been an incredible tool for organizing my life, mapping it out visually so I can clearly see the trajectory for the year ahead and where this takes me into my future 10 year goals. It has also served to fill me with greater optimism and hope.
Classes : Yin - Wednesday @ 4:30pm ; Tween Yoga Series (seasonal workshop)
Twylah Ekko
A Goal of mine for this year is to write and share more poetry. 
Be  ~Twylah Ekko
I can not be
Who you want me to be 
And be free 
to be me.
I am that
I am love
So hum
Ahum Prema.
Classes : Restorative Flow - Friday @ 4:00pm

Becky Eschenroeder
Holding space for the pause.

Breathing in, I expand in all directions. North, South, East, West.
I explore the deepest depths of the sacred ocean; receiving messages from the mystery in a language so much deeper than words.
The sun of my heart rises in glorious, luminous light as I am able to also celebrate its setting, knowing this cycle and my heart beat continues on... 
-And I Pause-
Suspended in a place of timeless and infinite expansion.
I know I will descend from the mountain as I will emerge from the sea. The East and the West will lovingly take teams with light once again. But not yet.
Can you feel it? Can you taste it? Can you hear it?
The grace note; the fourth part of the breath.
This is where infinity resides.
-Holding space for the pause-
And I exhale.

Classes : Vinyasa Flow - Tuesday @ 3pm ; Heated Vinyasa - Wednesday @ 7:15pm ; Vinyasa Flow - Friday @ 5:15pm

Izzy Shurte
Slowing down is a necessary prerequisite for my three-fold intention this year.  Without the skill of slowing down to meet the present moment, I would surely continue in habit mode and miss opportunities to do something more thoughtful and therefore intentional.  I continually work to cultivate Ahimsa, recognizing in the present moment what choices I can make with my actions that would bring about the least harm, or greatest healing.  This is a challenge that requires constant watchfulness and frequent long pauses.  For example, my two year old at times has tantrum filled days, and it can be a challenge to see how I can be a helpful (not harmful) presence in the face of her big emotions and surly behavior.  Somedays Ahimsa looks like picking her up and removing her from a public place on other days, it looks like sitting on the ground with her and watching my breath as the wave of emotions crests and falls.  I am also cultivating Brahmacharya this year, or wise use of creative energy.  In retrospect, I have wasted time and energy scrolling on my computer last year when I could be planting beneficial seeds by reading or simply being present with my husband and daughter.  Lastly, I am working to identify and seize opportunities for Seva, or service.  In the Bhakti Sutras it says, "take up service and put down anxiety" and I have found this to be true in my practice.  Taking up service can be finding formal opportunities to volunteer in our community but can also be more about a subtle shift in motivation.  Simply becoming aware of when your motivation is more small self oriented, such as performance or escape from something unpleasant, and instead asking, "who and how can I serve in this moment?", can provide clarity and quell neurotic chitta vrittis. 
Classes : Vinyasa Flow - Wednesday @ 6pm ; Yoga Basics - Thursday @ 6:30pm
Mackenzie Cherry
 As my daughter turned one just two weeks after the new year, I have realized how quickly the time goes. I also watch her take in everything with a fresh perspective, and with such wonder and delight, and it reminds me of how precious each moment is. It is so important to be this open to the world so that you can take in all of its splendor. I am dedicating more time to her and to self practice, whether it be asana or finding a tranquil space to carve out time for reflection and appreciation.
Classes : Vinyasa Flow - Tuesday @ 6:15am ; Power + Vinyasa Flow - Saturday @ 9am + 10:30am ; Vinyasa Flow - Sunday @ 9am
“We think very little of time present;  we anticipate the future as being too slow, and with a view to hasten it onward, we recall the past to stay it as too swiftly gone.  We are so thoughtless, that we thus wander through the hours which are not here, regardless only of the moment that is actually our own." - Blaise Pascal
 “There has been a misunderstanding between life and time.  Time is thought to consist of 3 tenses past, present, future- which is wrong.  Time consists only of past and future.  It is life which consists of the present.  So those who want to live, for them there is no other way than to live this moment.  Only the present is existential.  The past is simply a collection of memories, and the future is nothing but your imaginations, your dreams.  Reality is here now.”  ~  Osho
“We are not living in eternity.  We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand- and melting like a snowflake.”  - Frances Bacon, Sr.

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