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Yogi Reads: The Teacher Appears Post

March 23, 2017


Part journal, part activity book, this new book by Brian Leaf, the author of Misadventures of a Garden State Yogi, gives the yoga practitioner as he calls it: “108 Prompts to Power Your Yoga Practice”. We loved the quotes he included from yoga’s most notable: Seane Corne, Sharon Gannon, Shiva Rea, Rachel Brathen, among others, that made us think more deeply about why we do asana and how it makes us feel. It really brings to mind the idea of self-study in yoga. Svadhyaya, as is the Sanskrit, is essentially our ability to reflect on our practice and allow that reflection to fuel the rest of our day off the mat. It allows us to question and look for answers as to the why behind our actions, and in our practice it allows us to peel back the layers of ourselves.

We loved Brian’s guided exercises to allow us to incorporate this Niyama more fully into our time on + off the mat. Here is our short list of awesome activities to guide your practice, both from our experience, and some offered in Brian’s incredible work. Check out the book for more ideas and the opportunity for self-guided introspection.

“Set a timer on your phone and chant om slowly and repeatedly for 5 minutes.”
“Draw pictures of your mind before and after meditation.”
“Practice on a blanket vs. mat to notice what muscles are firing and how the experience feels different.”
Visualize a person that fills your heart with joy, and during your meditation practice send love to them as you circle this energy back out. Freely give, Freely receive.
Practice outside, next to the river and let the sound of the water vibrate through you in a cleansing, purifying way.
Ask yourself: What is my aim in practicing asana?
“Every time you speak today place your hand on your heart.”
Create your own personal mandala that represents the totality of you! Include symbols and colors that bring you joy and speak to your truest desires.
“Are you the same person in a yoga class and at work?”
And our favorite: Hanuman Coloring in the back of the book!

“There are fears that keep us alive and fears that keep us from living. Wisdom is to understand the difference.”

-David Swenson



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