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About us

What it means to Om On?

To inspire, empower, groove, motivate, radiate.
To let your light shine from the magical place of truth + joy!

Our History:

Om On Yoga launched in 2010 with a vision of inspiring, empowering, and giving back to the community.

Our Mission:

Through the careful selection of handpicked goods we aspire to provide people with the ability to lead more balanced lives in harmony with nature.

What We’re About:

We honor our vision by offering the most exclusive selection of yoga lifestyle apparel, sustainably hip fitness fashions, eco-friendly beauty products, and environmentally sourced yoga equipment.  Each of these products is selected in an effort to fulfill the desires of the fashionable, eco-conscious, local driven consumer.

We believe that by offering brands that utilize the best organic, recycled, and eco-friendly resources, we are doing our part in helping to protect our delicate environment.  And the fact that many of our brands our made locally in the USA, further helps us reduce our carbon footprint, while also supporting our local economy.  

Please visit our Giving Page to see what specific brands focus on!